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This page is dedicated to details about myself, so here goes....

Born in Faversham Kent, I was raised in a two up two down end of terrace with no bathroom or hot running water and an outside loo, where you didn't hang around longer than need be in the depths of winter!

I was educated at Faversham's St Mary's C of E primary and then Faversham County Secondary School, which I left at the ripe age of 15 years.  I then ventured into the wide world of employment and worked for a fairly short while for J.T.Skinners, a company who had in the 1960's several electrical and TV retail shops around South East Kent. After working in their Service Department, learning how to repair domestic appliances, I along with my 'tutor electrician' were made redundant!  Just before I had left school I originally applied to British Railways (as it was then) for an electrical apprenticeship, but at that time they couldn't take on any staff. So, now having my domestic service career cut short, I re applied to BR once again.  I was offered a position and joined the Signal and Telegraph (S & T) department for a four year traineeship.  Over the many years of working for the railway I have seen British Railways become British Rail and then be finally sold off into the 'Private sector' under the government’s de-nationalisation of the railways programme. I worked for a number of years as a "Contractor" for the railways with Balfour Beatty. In 2004 the railway's infrastructure owner - Network Rail, decided to bring Infrastructure maintenance back "In house". So my career once again returned to the railway owners, this time Network Rail.  Now and many, many years after joining 'the railways' I have ‘Hung up my railway boots’ and took early retirement and all that it offers.

My model railway interests started really way back in the late nineteen fifties, when I was given a Tri-ang "00/H0" Princess Elizabeth train set for Christmas. This progressed from its simple oval of track laid out on the living room floor (Yes, fluff and all in the loco's gears and motor!) to being able to have a "Train Set" layout permanently set up in my bedroom. Later, in my early teens, I was able to build a medium sized layout in a then unused box room and this lasted for a number of years. Finally the call of youthful adulthood together with its many attractions beckoned and was taking more and more of my free time. So, the layout was taken apart and most sold off to a neighbour. It wasn't until the early 1990's that my railway modelling once again took hold and eventually Ridgley Vale was born.

Having, since those teenage years, moved home several times and had a couple of model railway false starts I decided it was time to knuckle down and seriously started to build a decent model, so Ridgley Vale was drawn up and became my first attempt at a portable and exhibition quality layout.  After a domestic upheaval and then subsequent remarriage I tried building another portable exhibition layout, which for whatever reason never really got beyond the track laying stage!  A further house move then saw me inherit half of a double garage, so I now have another layout being born in that garage – Elmswood & Elmswood Central.   Elmswood only this time its a fixed layout which is destined never to leave home. I then went on to build a portable OO layout called West Haven. Which I later sold.  In 2018 work on Elmswood ended and the layout has now been dismantled.

My aim is to now build another layout called High Hopes that can be left erected in the garage for ‘play’ use.

I have been involved in local model railway clubs as both a member and the clubs chairman. Built exhibition layouts and organised and helped run exhibitions.

My story into railway modelling continues, now with this venture which is being shown on later pages of this site.  So keep watching these pages!

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